Medicine Ball Exercises For Golf - Golf Fitness Tips

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This week I will be showing you some of the best medicine ball exercises that you can do at the gym to improve your golf swing. Develop rotary power, upper/lower body separation, and core control with these exercises.

My partner this week is Alex Phillips, World Long Drive Competitor! Follow her on Instagram and Twitter (@aphilaphil) to watch her smash the ball all over the world!

Med Ball Exercises For Golf:

  1. Medball Half Kneeling Bounce Passes
  2. Medball Squat to Side Toss
  3. Medball Half Kneeling Side Toss
  4. Medball Kneeling Side Toss
  5. Medball Situp and Throw
  6. Medball Dissasociation Turns
  7. Medball Dissasociation Single Leg Turns
  8. Medball Ball Slams
  9. Medball Side to Side Ball Slams

Killer Complex to Lost Body Fat!

A complex is a series of exercises to be performed one right after another with no rest in between, and is usually done with the same piece of equipment. In this video I will be showing you 3 of my favorite complexes that can be done in your luxury residential or corporate fitness center. All you will need is a cable tower machine, a circular plate, and a set of dumbbells of your choice. You will perform 3 total rounds of each complex, making sure to complete each exercise before beginning the next round. Perform anywhere from 8-12 repetitions per exercise.

My Top 5 Exercise Technique Mistakes!

This video is for anyone that is possibly unsure of the execution of their form while performing some common exercises in the gym.  If you are a beginner or even an intermediate lifter, I urge you to watch this video to see if you can relate to any of these issues regarding exercise form. 
This week's video was filmed at the Caspian Delray Beach. If you are a resident of the Caspian don't forget to sign up for your complimentary personal training session to be done in the comfort of your own, private fitness center.  Email Chris at to get started. 


Are you looking for more variation within your workouts?  Are you tired of the same old boring routine that you've been doing for the last two years?  Why not incorporate the Swiss Ball into your workouts?  The Swiss Ball is a great way to make some of the more common exercises you may  be familiar with a little more challenging.  Also, for those of you who train out of your community or corporate fitness center, space and equipment options can be limited.  Most fitness centers have a few Swiss Balls, so I hope that you are able to take with you a few of these exercise I'm about to show you! 

Upper/Lower Body Separation Exercises For Golfers - Golf Fitness Tips

Upper/Lower body dissasociation, also known as the ability to move the upper and lower body separately, is key for a good golf swing.

Lacking this ability can lead to many golf swing mistakes such as: loss of posture, flat shoulder plane, reverse spine angle, sway, slide, coming over the top, casting, chicken winging and hanging back. Since so many golf swing problems could be related to a lack of dissasociation, working and improving this skill can lead to significant improvements in your golf swing!

TRX Exercises for Beginners

This video is for anyone that is relatively new to the TRX, or would like to make sure their technique is correct. I will be reviewing a few common exercises and demonstrating the correct and incorrect form. The TRX is an amazing piece of equipment which uses your own body weight for resistance. When training in corporate or residential fitness centers, space is always a factor, so I would highly recommend incorporating the TRX into your workouts. It's portable, lightweight and very user friendly.

In Home Golf Workout! No Equipment Needed - Golf Fitness Tips

Hello Fit Golfers! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel, and click the link below to get 15% off your own RUKKET SPORTS golf net!

Are you stuck indoors all day but you can't get golf out of your mind? This week, I will be showing you a simple golf workout that you can do at home without any equipment. 
It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a fitness buff, I will be showing you the best beginner and advanced modifications so that you can customize your golf workout to fit your needs!


  1. Glute Bridge: Good for core stability and power.
  2. Single Leg Glute Bridge: Advanced modification of the glute bridge.
  3. Bird Dog: Good for core strength and stability.
  4. Bird Dog Planks: Advanced modification of the bird dog
  5. Assisted Plank with Shoulder Tap: Good for core strength, stability, and antirotation.
  6. Assisted Plank with Shoulder Tap (on the floor): Advanced modification
  7. Box Squat: Good for developing lower body strength
  8. Single Leg Box Squat: Advanced modification of box squat
  9. Reachbacks: Good for developing and maintaining good thoracic mobility
  10. Hip Twister: Good for developing lower and upper body dissasociation







Band Exercises For More Distance - Golf Fitness Tips

Band Exercises For More Distance -  Golf Fitness Tips

We all want a few extra yards out at the golf course! Thankfully for us, developing the skills necessary to increase our swing speed can be acquired at the gym or home!
This week I will be showing you a few exercises that will help increase your distance at the golf course. We will be working on core stability, strength, anti-rotation, glute activation, glute strength, weight transfer, and proper hip movement during the golf swing!

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Total Body RESISTANCE BAND Workout!

Have you ever considered incorporating resistance bands into your workout routine? Not only are bands a great tool to help build muscle and strength, but they can also be incorporated on a recovery day to offer a little less training stimulus for when your body is less than optimal. For beginners, I like incorporating bands into their regular workouts because bands can be less intimidating than regular weights, yet offer enough resistance to build a solid baseline of strength. For the more advanced lifter, incorporating bands can offer some temporary relief to tight muscles and joints as you recover from a previous strenuous workout.

Stretches For Office Workers

Today, I've compiled a list of my top 5 stretches every office worker should be doing. If you find yourself spending a lot of time sitting, you may be suffering from certain issues such as tightness in the lower back, stiff shoulders, or even fatigue. To help with these issues, I recommend incorporating this 5 minute stretch/mobility routine into your daily workouts. I guarantee you will see and feel results after the first week! If you have any questions pertaining to the exercises in the video, please comment in the section below and I will be happy to reply.

How To Train Your Glutes On The Cable Tower Machine

A cable tower machine is a fairly common piece of equipment in any residential or corporate office building's fitness center.  However, do you know how to properly utilize it to train your glutes and other muscles in your legs?  In this video, I'm going to break down and demonstrate a few of my favorite glute exercises in order for you to get that strong lower body that you're probably looking for.  And guess what, you only need one piece of equipment, the cable tower machine.

Shoulder Exercises To Improve Your Golf Swing and Fix Your Pain!

Shoulder injuries are among the most common in golfers. Our shoulders are put into very stressful positions due to our body imbalances and daily life activities. With time, this can lead to pain and restrictions in mobility that negatively affect your golf swing by reducing your ability to rotate and get the club back.

Do you want to learn what exercises you can do to eliminate your shoulder pain and regain the mobility of your shoulder? Have you ever wondered why your shoulder pops and cracks when your workout? This week, Scott Miller, MPT from Miller Physical Therapy in Delray Beach, FL is going to be answering all your shoulder related questions.

5 Hacks To Make Dumbbells Feel Heavier

Does your building's fitness center only have dumbbells that go up to 30 or 40 pounds if you're lucky? Did you know that their are training techniques that you can start incorporating to make those dumbbells feel heavier than they actually are? In this week's video I will be showing you 5 hacks to make this possible when it comes to chest exercises. The exercises range from easiest to hardest so make sure you master each hack in order before progressing to the next one. Have fun and leave a comment below if you have any questions.

How To Stop Casting During The Golf Swing!

How To Stop Casting During The Golf Swing!

Casting, also known as early release, refers to the early release of the wrists during the downswing (like casting a fishing rod). More than 50% of golfers cast their golf club during their golf swing weakening their impact position and reducing their power and consistency. Learn how to use fitness to

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