Medicine Ball Exercises For Golf - Golf Fitness Tips

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This week I will be showing you some of the best medicine ball exercises that you can do at the gym to improve your golf swing. Develop rotary power, upper/lower body separation, and core control with these exercises.

My partner this week is Alex Phillips, World Long Drive Competitor! Follow her on Instagram and Twitter (@aphilaphil) to watch her smash the ball all over the world!

Med Ball Exercises For Golf:

  1. Medball Half Kneeling Bounce Passes
  2. Medball Squat to Side Toss
  3. Medball Half Kneeling Side Toss
  4. Medball Kneeling Side Toss
  5. Medball Situp and Throw
  6. Medball Dissasociation Turns
  7. Medball Dissasociation Single Leg Turns
  8. Medball Ball Slams
  9. Medball Side to Side Ball Slams