Debbie and Bob, 65

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Carolina is amazing! My husband and I have been working with her for over six months, and have made great strides toward our fitness goals. We're both stronger, more toned and in better shape than we've ever been. And she's fun to work with - always upbeat, encouraging, and she knows exactly what we can and can't do. There's nobody better! If you need a trainer, you MUST call her!



Annette aka Babe, 42

I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best trainers in the industry. Playing on the LPGA for 16 years and now on the LPGA Legends Tour you have to stay in shape. Working with Christian has changed my approach to fitness and stretching. His ability to push you to your limits and making sure you are doing the correct form with each exercise. His expertise is invaluable.I look forward to continuing my fitness and golf training with Silver Strong Fitness.



Sheri, 50

I have been working with Carolina on my fitness goals for the past 3 months and have to say she rocks! She is always energetic, postive, very knowledgable about her field, and ALWAYS encourages me to do my best especially when I say 'I CAN'T and she knows I CAN! I have noticed a big difference as far as my strength and I am reaching my goals of becoming leaner and toned! I am looking forward to working with Carolina long term and thank you for your motivation and caring!

Roy, 47 

I am the least likely person to work with a professional trainer. I don't like working out. At 52 years old, I have had many gym memberships over the years that I used once or twice and then quit. All that changed after a friend recommended I try one session with Chris Skillen. As he said, "what do you have to lose?"That was over 10 months ago, I now see Chris 3 times a week. He keeps the workouts fresh, keeps me focused and I'm never bored. Chris is excellent at tailoring the workout to your needs. He has helped me lose weight, given great nutritional guidance and as a result I have never felt better. I highly recommend Chris Skillen and Silver Strong Fitness.

Susan, 60

Christian is the best! I've trained with many but he has it all. Knowledge, patience, creativity and endless encouragement (and he's a really great guy!!) I feel stronger, more energized and generally fit sine I've started working with him .



Hernando, 75

Me and my family were going on a vacation to South America and had lots of extreme activities planned.  White water rafting, rappelling, zip lining, and cave diving were all in the program.  I wanted to participate in all of it and refused to just sit and wait on the sidelines, that’s when I decided to call Silver Strong Fitness! Silver Strong  got me in the best shape of my life.  After a few months of training I could feel the difference in my body.  My lower back pain went away, my golf scores improved, my posture was transformed, my strength increased tremendously and I was able to do things that I didn’t even remember I could do.  I went on my vacation, had a blast, and did everything we planned with ease. 

Silver Strong has been the best investment I have made for my health.  The sessions are fun and personalized for my needs and wants.  I love seeing daily improvements and look forward to my training sessions every week.

Barry S, 62

I have been working out with Carolina Romero of Silver Strong Fitness for a few years. As an avid golfer I'm happy to say I gained back the yards I have lost over the last few years. The workouts are hard but fun. If you serious about improving your golf game and general fitness I highly recommend Carolina and Silver Strong Fitness.


Barry, 66

Carolina is absolutely the best! I actually enjoy working out! it is never boring. Each session we do something different. The time goes by quickly, and we laugh a lot!. Thank you are a treasure!

Alicia, 56

I reached out to Silver Strong in order to lose a few pounds but I got so much more!  At the time I didn’t have any athletic experience and I was very intimidated about going to a regular gym. I suffered from lower back pain from an old injury and I was worried I was too out of shape to do the exercises given to me.  The team at Silver Strong fitness made me feel comfortable from day one.  The difficulty of the sessions was perfect for my level of fitness and they progressed as I got better.  I always finish my sessions feeling motivated and accomplished, never defeated or overwhelmed.  Boxing training is my personal favorite so it gets incorporated into my sessions weekly.

I lost the pounds I wanted to lose and gained muscle and strength. My lower back pain went away and I feel energized and happy.  I highly recommend Silver Strong Fitness to all active adults like me. The benefits I have gotten from starting an exercise regime in the hands of these qualified professionals are priceless.

Rob, 73

Simply the best - takes years off - makes you stronger , more flexible and adds 30 yards to your drive

Carol, 69

Carolina is the very best trainer we have EVER had. We actually look forward to our workouts with her-fun, varied, energetic, results-driven. She has a wonderful manner, positive and motivating. We LOVE her!!!!
Chris has made such a difference in our flexibility and mobility. Our stretching sessions are fabulous-he pushes only to a comfortable level that we can tolerate yet to a point that makes such a difference for our flexibility, balance, strength and "tightness"!!
The combination of power workouts and stretching twice a week has measurably improved our lives!!!! Carolina an Chris=the A team! 

Jane, 67

i like to incorporate aqua strength training into jane's programming  due to the low impact on her joints and muscles.  this is a great alternative to training on land, while still getting amazing results.  

i like to incorporate aqua strength training into jane's programming  due to the low impact on her joints and muscles.  this is a great alternative to training on land, while still getting amazing results.  

I have never felt better in my life! Thank you, thank you Chris for your amazing training, encouragement and expertise. I only wish for everyone to have at least one session with Silver Strong is truly the best gift you can give yourself!!! I actually want to work out now! Many thanks!!!

Dee, 50

My husband and I have been training with Carolina for awhile now and she is awesome to work with .. She has in depth knowledge about body mechanics & dietary needs . Carolina is great at listening to what your fitness goals are and can help you achieve them .. as long as your willing to put the time and effort in ..


Cathy, 59

I recommend Carolina wholeheartedly!
It's been fantastic working out with her (she is the best trainer I've ever had for sure) and her constant support and encouragement have had a profound impact on my attitude about being fit!
I'm dramatically stronger since we started which has helped me with my tennis and golf and I'm more energetic. Carolina is extremely knowledgeable and she inspires me to set goals and to be successful!

Jenn, 43

Christian Skillen is truly an excellent personal trainer.  He has changed my outlook on healthy living and personal well-being.  Before I started training I was out of shape and out of breath walking upstairs.  Christian’s encouragement has helped me achieve milestones beyond my expectations.  He is always positive and knows what I am capable of. Highest recommendation.

Ingrid, 61

Carolina is the BEST! She is patient and kind but sure pushes you to reach your ultimate goal!


Jackie, 45

I trained with Christian for a year and I can say he is an excellent trainer.  He knows when to encourage and/or push you thru a workout.  His workouts are tough but with consideration of your abilities, focusing on stretching and form as well as strength.  He definitely pushed me to my limits – all in the right way.    The workouts were never boring and he has even provided me with workouts I can do on my own time. Christian was always willingto share his knowledge of the health and fitness world and answered any questions I had.   I have had a few trainers in the  that were fine but Christian by far has been the best. 

Joanne, 60

Christian has a unique way of training.  It is extremely personalized and tailored based on goals of the individual as well as individual needs, strengths and weaknesses. I have had many trainers over the years and they designed their workouts as a “one size fits all” irrespective of age, goals, interest, deficiencies and strengths.  I am probably one of Christian’s older clients and greatly appreciate the time and effort he puts into my workout routine.  He challenges me in many ways yet is sensitive to the fact I am not one of his younger clients.  He makes sure that workouts continue to be new, innovative and constructive while keeping me challenged and focused on my personal goals.  He is always professional, encouraging, and supportive as well as available to share his knowledge on nutrition, and healthy lifestyle.  His goal is to get you to be the best that you can be and his positive approach makes me want to always do better.  At the end of each session I feel energized and fulfilled and notice that I feel better than before.   Christian’s “can do” attitude is contagious and transfers over to his clients.  He’s a life changer for sure, always keeping it interesting, challenging and FUN!  

Christian epitomizes what it means to be a “personal trainer”,  he actually  takes each and every client and differentiates workouts accordingly.  He assumes responsibility and ensures that each client is treated with personal interest and respect so that they are successful in reaching their goals.

 I appreciate all the time, effort and confidence he has given me.

Alex, 47