How To Properly Use The Leg Extension Machine

Our sister company Prime Health Management just released a new video on how to properly use the leg extension machine!  Most residential community or corporate office building fitness centers will have some variation of a leg extension machine. Generally, most of us are rather tight in the hip flexors and quads and would probably benefit more from doing hip hinges or squats, rather than doing countless repetitions on this machine.  However, every individual is different with different body types with their own personal goals in mind.  If your goal is to build size and strength (just in the quad) than this exercise could be perfect for you.  However, are you setting up the machine properly and performing the repetitions in the correct manner?  Found out how in this video!

How to prepare your lower body for training!

Good morning and happy Friday Silver Strong Family! I wanted to share with you all my favorite "go to" lower body warm-up that I use for myself and many of my clients. These exercises focus on mobilizing and activating muscle groups in your lower body so that they are "prepared" to work out. A proper warm-up is key to preventing injuries, and improving your overall training sessions for years to come. This warm-up series should take you no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Good luck and stay loose!