TRX Exercises for Beginners

This video is for anyone that is relatively new to the TRX, or would like to make sure their technique is correct. I will be reviewing a few common exercises and demonstrating the correct and incorrect form. The TRX is an amazing piece of equipment which uses your own body weight for resistance. When training in corporate or residential fitness centers, space is always a factor, so I would highly recommend incorporating the TRX into your workouts. It's portable, lightweight and very user friendly.

Prowler Power!

Only our third week training together and my client is already tearing up the turf with the prowler! Throw out the treadmill, pitch the elliptical, and say goodbye to the recumbent bike, because this simple piece of raw metal is all the cardio equipment you'll need, trust me! Good for all ages and skill levels, the prowler is pretty much fool proof, and is guaranteed to make you feel the burn.