Rotator Cuff Stretches For Better Shoulder Function

What's up Silver Strong Family?  Our new video comes from our sister company, Prime Health Management, and it's all about the rotator cuff muscles and how to properly stretch them to get them functioning properly. There are 4 different rotator cuff muscles. Three of those muscles (Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor) are responsible for externally rotating your arm. The other rotator cuff muscle (Sub Scapularis) is responsible for internally rotating your arm. If you are a regular lifter or athlete, you more than likely have imbalances within these muscles and favor internal rotation. If this is the case stretching your external rotators may give you more problems down the road. You may need to focus on stretching your internal rotator (sub scapularis) while strengthening your external rotators to achieve better balance within your shoulders. If you are unsure which muscles to stretch and which ones to strengthen, consult your physical therapist or personal trainer before attempting these exercises.