The CPI Method is the scientific foundation behind Silver Strong Fitness and the services we provide. 

At Silver Strong Fitness, we believe that physical well-being, along with mental health and awareness, go hand in hand.
With this in mind, we developed the Cognitive Proprioception Integration Model of training, which focuses on training both
the mind and body, simultaneously. 

The CPI method is based on the exercise science principle of proprioception, the ability of an individual to use sensory information to gain awareness of their body position and movements. Our goal is to train the body and mind through controlled movement and cognitive engagement.  By training our clientโ€™s body, while keeping their minds fully engaged, we expect to improve their self-awareness, which in turn will allow them to learn how to move in the most
efficient way possible.

Allow us to show you the benefits of the CPI Model and experience results, such as increased strength, a heightened sense of spatial awareness, and perform daily activities with greater ease.  Whether you want to play with your grandchildren, go for a walk without the fear of injury, play an extra round of golf or an extra tennis match, the CPI method will help you achieve that. 

Results are guaranteed.