According to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, one in three adults age 65 and up, fall every year. Twenty to thirty percent of people who fall suffer moderate to severe injuries such as lacerations, hip fractures, and head traumas. Many of those who fall, even if they are not injured, develop a fear of falling, which makes them limit their activities. Reduction of activities leads to loss of mobility and fitness which increases individual's actual risk of falling.

Regardless of whether you have experienced a fall in the past, or are trying to prevent them in the future, Silver Strong Fitness is here to help.

Our fall prevention program will focus on principles such as gravity control training, gait pattern enhancement, multi-sensory training, strength and flexibility training. We will help you develop the necessary tools to prevent falls, regain independence and move with confidence.

Benefits of Fall Prevention Training

  • One-on-one individualized attention from one of our Silver Strong Trainers.
  • Personalized exercise program designed around your needs.
  • Designed specifically to target those areas most important to fall prevention.
  • Focus on center of gravity control, gait pattern enhancement, multi-sensory training, strength and flexibility training.
  • Equipment provided by our Silver Strong Trainers or your personal home gym.
  • Our trainers are trained to work around any pre-existing injuries, conditions and illnesses.